Which Nigerian University Has The Highest Number Of Lecturers Having Sex With Students For Grades?

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In hell fire, I sure say na Nigerian lecturers go plenty pass πŸ˜‚

It’s really a shame, the truth is female students across all Nigerian Universities are suffering from untold sexual harassment from lecturers who are supposed to be impacting knowledge on them but choose to be impacting pr!ck πŸ˜‚

Earlier today, the BBC African eye releases its year-long investigation on West African Universities, including popular University of Lagos called UNILAG and University of Ghana, and numerous numbers of Lecturers were busted as a perpetrator of the heinous act of #SexForGrade.

Well, In case you haven’t been informed about the new trend, you can catch up on all updates about it HERE

After the mass mindfulness of most Nigerians about the issue of #SexForGrade numerous names of Lecturers in known Nigerian Universities have been called out and it poses to my thinking that this godawful act is rampant that one think in most Tertiary institutions.

Specifically, a lady on twitter went as far as tweeting to the BBCAfricanEye about a particular lecturer In UNIBEN that continually indulge in sexual harassing of female students for the sake of passing them or helping academically.

However, the shameful of #SexForGrade will be greater in some Universities than the others and sure BBCAfricanEye ain’t done with their investigation, surely they are gathering enough resources to know their next school of target.

So Guys πŸ‘‡

Which Nigerian University Do You Think BBC African Eye Should Go For #SexForGrade Investigations?

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