LET’S HEAR FROM YOU!!!Naira Marley’s “Why” vs Zlatan’s “4 Nights In Ekotieboh” -Which Is A Perfect Song About Fake Friends?

LET’S HEAR FROM YOU!!!Naira Marley’s “Why” vs Zlatan’s “4 Nights In Ekotieboh” -Which Is A Perfect Song About Fake Friends?

Zlatan & Naira Marley are a changed person now!!!

The past few months have been quite eye opening experience for the 2 street sensational acts, and famous collaborators, Zlatan, Naira Marley.

As at early hours of May 10, 2019 the news of Zlatan, Naira Marley & Co arrest sheaths the whole media space, the arrest was initiated shortly after the release of their a-tongue-in-cheek song dubbed “Am I A Yahoo Boy“.


After chilling off for 4 good days at the EFCC confinement, the Zlatanova huncho liberated back into the street, leaving his comrade, Naira Marley behind in the incarceration.

Without too much delay and over anticipation from fans, Zlatan gave us something Iconic, by musicalizing all his EFCC experience in a 4 Minutes long track tittled “4 Nights In Ekotieboh“.

The sum and substances of 4 Nights in Ekotieboh was Fake Friends of Zlatan, that said nasty things about him during his hard time at the EFCC HQ.

Perhaps, Zlatan sounds like he knew those friends behind his predicament in the song, like someone told him those behind his petitioning and arrest.

In summary, 4 Nights In Ekotieboh was Iconic and a perfect song for a Post- Arrest release, just like Meek Mill’s “Stay Woke” released after his jail term.

After spending solid 20 days at thee EFCC Mansion & Ikoyi Prison Custody, Naira Marley was later released, after his bail application was accepted by the Judge.

Even though Naira Marley is not yet out of the confinement, due to some unknown reasons, but then we’re 80% optimistic that he’ll be out sooner or later, after meeting bail conditions.

Prior to his court hearing the whole music scene has already been clouded by Naira Marley’s new song “Why“. Seems Naira knew his going to be release that day ab initio.

We all heard the song was pre -recorded by Naira Marley before his arrest, but then the song perfectly aligned well with all the occurrences and came out as a perform post-EFCC song.

Or Naira Marley has a foresight? or probably Nigerian prisoners are also allowed to record while in prison?

“Why” is a track that calls out fake friends. Naira Marley made it known on the song that he is all about living a good life and avoiding stress.

Baba Just want to Smoke and chill, but then some fake friends he is surrounded with, is making living such life impossible to achieve.

The song might not be Naira Marley‘s best performance though, but the wordings in it are worth some meditations, a perfect post-prison song.

“4 Nights In Ekotieboh” & “Why” are songs worth listening to, as they actually showed us the intrinsic feelings of the singers after their problem filled days.

But then you guys will sure prefer one more than the other, even though preference will differ from person to person.

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Between “Why” and “4 Nights In Ekotieboh” – Which Is A Perfect Song About Fake Friends?
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